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Grow Tent 2.4m x 2.4m Complete Kits

Grow Tent 2.4m x 2.4m Complete Kits

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At Genesis Hydro, we understand that the sheer volume of products available on our website can be overwhelming! We stock products for both beginner and expert growers and over the years we have accumulated some of the finest growing equipment on the market. We have done the hard work for you and with our complete kit setups you can rest assured that the systems we have assembled remove any guesswork you may have when considering the correct fans, lights, extraction kits etc. 


Once you choose one of our setups all you have to do is decide on your choice of hydroponic system, pots and nutrients and you are good to go. 

Whatever your bespoke requirements are; whether it be budget, space, stealth etc, we have a choice of lighting to suit you. We have decided to accompany our lighting and tents with the market leaders in extraction and filters. We supply SystemAir RVK fans and Rhino Filters  in all of our setups. We understand how important the correct extraction is at any level of expertise, so all you have to do is decide on whether you will require Combi or Acoustic Insulated Ducting. 


Rest assured, our years of experience has facilitated these combinations and we are confident you will achieve the bountiful harvests you desire. Do not settle for cheaper, less established companies with substandard products and complete kits. 

This 240cm x 240cm Complete Kit contains:

1x Greenlab Pro GL240 OR GL240T (240cm x 240cm x 200cm/235cm)

1x Systemair RVK & Rhino Extraction Kit - 200mm L (with your choice of ducting)

1x Systemair RVK200A Fan (with clips and your choice of ducting)

4x Pair of Rope Ratchets

1x Heavy Duty Contactor/Timer


Your choice of one the following lighting options:

4x 600w Euro Digital Lighting Kit

4x 630w Lumatek CDM Euro Reflector Lighting Kit

4x Lumatek Zeus Compact Pro 465w LED Grow Light

4x Lumatek Zeus Pro 600w LED Grow Light

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