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Hyperlux 600w Digital Euro Kit

Hyperlux 600w Digital Euro Kit


Our complete kits have been carefully assembled by our team of experts at Genesis Hydro. All the individual components have been chosen to work in harmony alongside each other, saving you time and money. You will be up and running very quickly with our fully comprehensive kits and with our choice of quality components, you will not be disappointed with the results.

What’s in the HyperLux 600W Digital Euro Kit?

 -600W HyperLux Digital Ballast

- Choice of Super HPS, Metal Halide, Dual Spectrum

- HyperLux Euro Reflector

The HyperLux 600W Digital Ballast

This ballast comes with advanced technology that makes it one of the best options on the market today. This includes exceptional RF shielding so that lumen output is maximised, as well as surge protection so that unpredictable electrical surges do not ruin your yield.

The random start technology is another great feature, proving to be very useful when a number of ballasts are being used at the same time. 

You can also benefit from soft start technology and end of life detection so that you can manage your grow room effectively.


  • 600W Dimmable Ballast

  • Superior RF shielding 

  • Surge protection

  • Random start technology

  • End of life detection

The HyperLux Euro Reflector

The Euro Reflector is a fantastic budget reflector at an exceptional price.

The simple yet effective design utilises highly reflective dimpled wings and a ceramic lamp holder perfect for 250W-600W HID (HPS or MH) lamps. It has a V-ridge along the top and dimpled wings to optimise light reflectivity, dispersion and reduction of hotspots.

This reflector has been designed for use with any horizontally mounted HPS or MH lamp up to 600W. Use easy rolls or jack chain to hang the reflector over the central area of the grow space.

Please ensure you hold your lamp with a clean cloth and insert it into the E40 lamp holder, then screw it in tight. Plug the lead into the required ballast and switch on. This outstanding value for money reflector will deliver everything you need on a budget.


  • Length – 47cm

  • Width – 50cm

Your Choice of Super HPS, Metal Halide, Dual Spectrum Bulb

HyperLux 600W Super HPS Bulb

We all know the importance of getting the lighting right when it comes to grow systems, and this Hyperlux 600w Super HPS Lamp will not let you down. You are benefitting from a product that provides wider spectral intensity thanks to the dual spectrum design, as well as superior PAR output. The lamp features an optimal spectral output of both yellow and red light, ensuring your plants in the flowering stage gets a vigorous boost.

The product has been carefully designed to ensure it is the ideal partner for all of your flowering needs. Your plant will benefit from 15% more available energy when compared with a typical sodium lamp. 

HyperLux 600W Metal Halide Bulb

Hyperlux 600w MH 6400K from Genesis Hydro can provide your plants with as much as 70 per cent more blue light when compared with the standard halide lamps that are for sale today! 

These lights trump others on the market. The majority of the standard halide bulbs will have a temperature of around the 4000K mark, yet this lamp will go up to 6400K, meaning there is much more in the white and blue spectrum.

If you provide your plants with this light during the vegetative stage, it will lead to their growth rate increases considerably. Your plants will be a lot healthier, and they will also be capable of providing and supporting bigger yields when flowering.


  • 600w - 50000 Lumens

  • 6400 K colour temperature

  • Supports bigger yields when flowering

  • Creates healthier plants that are capable and ready to support more yields

  • Internodes remain tight so that no stretching occurs

HyperLux 600W Dual Spectrum HPS Bulb

When it comes to providing the perfect growth environment for your plants, there are a lot of different factors that need to be considered. One thing you need to do is make sure that your plants get the right amount of light, and the Hyperlux Dual Spectrum bulb can help to make sure that this is the case. 

When compared with the other light bulbs on the market today for hydroponic systems, this is certainly one of the better options. It provides an extra 15 percent of energy for plant growth when compared with typical sodium lamps that are for sale. It also delivers great value for money and you can be sure of a robust product that has been made to last.

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