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Ecothrive Coco Lite


Ecothrive Coco Lite is just what you need for getting your plants off to a flying start. This innovative formula contains 30 per cent perlite and 70 per cent coco coir for the ultimate combination to give your plants the boost they need. And the best bit? It all comes in an eco-friendly package. 

Ecothrive Coco Lite increases the air-carrying capacity of the mix and reduces susceptibility to water-logging. It features state-of-the-art water drainage and is highly resistant to compaction. 

The mix is RHP certified and comes blended with coco blended with Ecothrive Charge, making it suitable for most applications. And the best bit? You can enjoy Ecothive directly from the bag - no need to mix or prepare first. Now doesn't that sound like a better way of doing things? 

Ecothrive Coco Lite is easy to apply. Just pour from the bag into your pot and break up any remaining lumps. Then tap the sides of the pot to get the product to settle. That's it. 

  • Contains 70 per cent coco coir and 30 per cent perlite
  • Mixed with 1 per cent Ecothrive for an added boost for your plants
  • Easy to apply: pour directly from the bag
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