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Canna Mono Nutrients

Canna Mono Nutrients




Canna's Trace Mix is a mineral fertiliser that consists of several trace elements that are essential for your plants' development. It can help to reduce the deficiency of trace elements and stimulate the growth and bloom of your plants. 




If you're looking to stimulate the growth of your plants, Canna Nitrogen is a great option. It aids the production of proteins and your plant's energy metabolism. It is also useful for nitrogen deficiency.



Canna Phosphorus can be used to stimulate the bloom of your plant and its secondary metabolites. It can also be used to cure phosphorous deficiency.




Plants use magnesium for photosynthesis and form chlorophyll. It can also influence plant pigments and physiological processes. Canna Magnesium can help with all of this, as well as being used to treat plant magnesium deficiency.




Plants use calcium to stabilise their cell walls, regulate their growth hormones and manage the transport of water and nutrients around themselves. Canna Calcium can be used as calcium fertiliser to allow your plant to achieve this things, as well as to resolve calcium deficiencies.




Canna Iron helps plants to effectively photosynthesise and produce chlorophyll. It can also support physiological processes and on the energy system or treat iron deficiencies.





Canna Potassium can help to make your plants' cell walls stronger and increase their resistance. It can also improve bloom, aid in the production of proteins and carbohydrates and improve your plants' water management.

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