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Canna Aqua Flores

Canna Aqua Flores


Canna Aqua Flores is a complete nutrient solution for plants that contains all of the ingredients that they need for optimal flowering. This product is very popular among people using recirculating and ebb-and-flow hydroponics systems. 

During the blooming phase, plants require more nutrients and energy to sustain their growth. Aqua Flores provides all the necessary ingredients that they need in the correct quantity for optimal flowering. 

In the flowering phase, nitrogen requirements decline while potassium and phosphorous requirements increase. Aqua Flores provides the optimal combination of nutrients, plus a range of trace elements for healthy growth.

Aqua Flores is helpful for growers of fruiting plants too. It provides liquid nutrients to support fruitification, increasing yields without exhausting the plant. 

The solution is easy to use and dissolves into your existing system. It is suitable for recirculating hydroponics solutions and does not adversely affect pH levels, eliminating the need for further testing. 

Aqua Flores comes in both an A part and a B part for separate application to prevent clogging. 


  • Supports optimal flowering 
  • Provides the correct range of nutrients during the blooming phase
  • Improves fruitification and yields
  • Easy to dissolve 
  • Available in 1, 5 and 10 litres
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