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  • 7 Ways To Maximise Your Hydroponics Crop
    7 Ways To Maximise Your Hydroponics Crop
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    From being able to grow more in a smaller space to saving on water, there are tons of benefits to hydroponic growing. In fact, as our population rises and food becomes more in-demand, it’s set to become the farming of the future for our planet. If you’re already growing crops using hydroponics, you’re ahead of the game! But wrapping your head around a new growing method isn’t always easy. The ideas that we’ve had about how to grow plants have to be adapted, and there are plenty of little...

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  • The Best Lighting For Hydroponics Growing
    The Best Lighting For Hydroponics Growing
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    Whether you’re a newbie to hydroponics or a seasoned grower, creating high-quality hydroponic systems can be tricky for everyone! There are a lot of important factors to get right when you’re growing without soil, and creating a flawless system takes research and time. Luckily our team at Genesis Hydro have already spent years doing that, and we’re ready to pass on our knowledge to you. To help you kickstart your system with ease, we’ve put together everything you need to know about picking...

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  • What is a Hydroponics System ?
    What is a Hydroponics System ?
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    The word hydroponics actually comes from the Latin word meaning working water. While that’s a good fact to know if you want to look smart, it doesn’t really tell us anything about hydroponics itself (apart from the fact that water is involved somewhere!). If you don’t have a clue what hydroponics are, you’re not alone. But, this lesser known method of growing plants could actually give you better results than traditional methods, increasing crop yield and helping the planet at the same time....

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  • Using Advanced Nutrients for Hydroponics
    Using Advanced Nutrients for Hydroponics
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    If your plants don’t always flourish and thrive, you’re not alone! This doesn’t mean you haven’t got a green-thumb - even the most experienced growers have difficult crops sometimes. But, it could be a sign that your plants are missing out on a vital vitamin or mineral, or that they need an extra helping-hand to grow properly. Whatever the problem, it can usually be fixed with some high-quality, targeted plant supplements. This is where we can help. At Genesis Hydro, we stock everything you...

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