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B'Cuzz Soil Nutrition A & B


B'Cuzz Soil Nutrition A & B is the perfect base fertiliser to provide your plants with all the nutrition they need to grow big and strong in your soil. Solution A is rich in nitrogen, phosphorous pentoxide and potassium oxide. It also contains trace elements and nutrients to support the growth, including magnesium, calcium and boron. 

Part B is higher in potassium oxide and contains less nitrogen. It also adds trace elements to the mix, including molybdenum, zinc and copper. 

B'Cuzz Soil Nutrition can also be used in combination with other products. It works well in connection with root stimulators and blossom builders to increase both flower and bud size. We recommend using A & B B'Cuzz in any kind of automated irrigation and drip system. Unlike many products, it won't obstruct your sprinklers or your pipes. 

This product is easy to use and suitable for small and large plants in light and fertilised soil. 

Features of B'Cuzz Soil Nutrition A & B

  • Comprehensive nutrition for both small and large plants
  • Supports both the flowing and blooming stages
  • Does not block your hoses or sprinklers
  • Suitable for light and fertilised soils
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