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B'Cuzz Soil Booster Universal


Are you getting lacklustre results from your existing soil? If so, B'Cuzz Soil Booster Universal can help. This natural product provides a much-needed boost to plants that might be struggling to follow optimal growth trajectories during the growing and flowering stages. It contains all the ingredients necessary to foster a healthy citric acid cycle. Just add to the soil to reinvigorate plants and get the most from your crops. 

Natural soil is a great way to grow crops, but it can sometimes let you down. If it does not contain the correct ratio of nutrients, plants can struggle to grow. And that can lead to disappointment. 

B'Cuzz Soil Booster Universal is a great product because it naturally balances the soil, providing optimal nutrient for whatever you want to use. Just 0.1 to 0.5ml per litre of the solution to achieve the desired effects. Works well with B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulator. 

Features of B'Cuzz Soil Booster Universal

  • Provides much-needed nutrition to plants during the bloom phase
  • Contains all the ingredients needed for a healthy citric acid cycle
  • Requires just 0.1 to 0.5 ml per litre of solution
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