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B'Cuzz Root Stimulator


As plants make their way through their lifecycle, their nutritional requirements can change. B'Cuzz Root Stimulator is a potent formulation that provides key bio-stimulators early on in the growth cycle for maximum yields, ensuring that plants reach their full potential. 

B'Cuzz Root Stimulator increases the root production of your crops and helps to improve their resistance against disease. The solution is suitable for a wide variety of growing environments, including traditional grow rooms and hydroponics systems. 

The formula is highly concentrated and potent - only 1ml per litre of nutrient solution.

The great thing about B'Cuzz Root Stimulator is that you're able to use it during any part of the growing cycle and incorporate it into whatever medium you happen to be using. This product will work in hydro solutions, soil and coco. B'Cuzz provides you with a complete feeding schedule, showing you what to feed plants and when. 

Features of B'Cuzz Root Stimulator

  • Gives plants critical bio-stimulators to encourage thicker, healthier roots
  • Use in any medium, inlcuding hydro solutions, coco and soil
  • Potent formula - use 1ml per litre of nutrient solution
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