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B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulator


B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulator is a powerful tool you can use during the flowering phase to encourage the growth of thicker and denser flowers, without compromising on taste or smell. The formulation contains various nutrients that help plants ripen and produce a rich, reliable yield. 

B'Cuzz intends this product for use on a variety of growing substrates, including coco, soil and hydroponics solutions. It contains a unique combination of potent bio-stimulators that help your plants reach their full potential, inlcuding vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, sugar and enzymes. The results of applying this formulation are tremendous. 

You can add B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulator plants grown from seeds as well as cuttings. The unique formulation encourages rapid cell division and differentiation, which translates into bigger blooms and more produce. Cloned plants particularly benefit from the formula. 

To use, mix 1 tsp with five quarts of water. 

Features of B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulator

  • Powerful loom booster that enhances yields in the flowering phase
  • Doesn't compromise on taste or smell properties
  • Contains a wide array of nutrients
  • Works well with cuttings and cloned plants
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