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Atami Rootbastic


The roots are one of the most important parts of any plant. This is where your plant soaks up water, consume nutrients, and holds itself into the ground. Atami Rootbastic is designed to ensure that your plants have the best roots they can, promoting healthy growth and improved nutrient intake.

Rootbastic is made using a concentrated mix of nutrients and minerals that are all designed to target root health. NKP Biostimulants and Bio minerals are used, ensuring that your plants are able to grow strong roots with high electrical conductivity. This will make it much easier for your plants to grow large and strong, while also making it possible for them to grow quickly thanks to their increased nutrient intake.

You should use Rootbastic one your roots have reached around 2-inches in length. You can mix this with your regular nutrient mix, but you need to make sure that you raise the other ingredients to make sure that your plants get what they need. Always read the packaging before you mix a supplement into your nutrient tank.

  • Improves the health of roots and root systems
  • Promotes healthy and rapid plant growth
  • Available in four sizes
  • Made by Atami; a leading brand
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