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Atami Bloombastic

Atami Bloombastic


Growing impressive flowers is one of the greatest challenges that gardeners face. Bloombastic is here to save the day, combining all of Atami’s plant knowledge to provide you with an all-round bloom booster that will make your flowers look great. Often called “Bling bling” for your plants, we’re sure that you will love Bloombastic as much as we do.

Presented as a new generation of flower boosters, Atami Bloombastic is specially designed to provide you with the best possible flowers and fruit. This is achieved through the perfect balance of nutrients, minerals, biostimulants, and other active ingredients that are all known for producing better blooms.

You should use Atami Bloombastic for the last 4 weeks of your plant’s flowering stage. You can add this to your regular nutrient mix, making it nice and easy to apply Bloombastic to your setup without having to go through time-consuming procedures to change everything. You will start to see the results of this supplement very quickly, and the effects will continue until your plants lose their flowers.

  • Improves flower growth, colour, and scent
  • Promotes healthy and rapid plant growth
  • Available in four sizes
  • Made by Atami; a leading brand
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