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Round Ceramic Air Stones

Round Ceramic Air Stones


Gardeners often use air pumps to increase the oxygen levels in their nutrient mixes. Simply pumping air into your mix isn’t going to do the job, though, and you need the right medium to be able to let your nutrients soak up the oxygen you provide properly. This is where these Round Ceramic Air Stones come in.

Naturally porous and rough, these stones are an excellent choice for those who want a natural way to oxygenate their nutrient supply. As air is pumped into the stones, it will emerge as thousands of tiny bubbles, making it possible to disperse far more oxygen than a steady stream of air. 

Adding oxygen to your nutrient tank is an excellent way to promote fast plant growth. This will ensure that your plants have easy access to oxygen at their roots, without having to move them around or change their media time after time. These stones are available in 6 and 8-inch sizes, making it possible to fit them inside just about any nutrient tank.

  • Designed for hydroponics, aquariums, and general applications
  • Provides oxygen to your nutrient tank
  • Available in two sizes to fit all tanks
  • Made by Hailea; a leading brand
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