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Plastic Air/Nutrient Manifolds

Plastic Air/Nutrient Manifolds


With a Plastic Air/Nutrient Manifold, you can split air from a larger line to oxygenate your smaller tanks without having to set up multiple individual pumps. The component is suitable for both hydroponics and DIY irrigation systems. 

If you are using a hydroponics system, plants in individual containers will absorb all of the available oxygen in a short period of time. Once the oxygen runs out, they are no longer able to make many of the chemicals components they need that are vital for life. Their growth will slow and, in extreme cases, they may die. 

The Plastic Air/Nutrient Manifold allows you to split air hoses from a single pump into multiple containers to provide adequate airflow. In doing so, you can lower your costs and simplify your setup. 

The solution is affordable and simple to set up using standard hoses. You are then free to split the system wherever you like, either close to the source of the pump or besides growing containers themselves. Suitable for both air and fluids. 


  • Splitter that eliminates the need for multiple pumps
  • Compatible with hydroponics, DIY irrigation systems, and NFTs. 
  • Available in 6, 10, 16, and 26 outlets
  • Affordable and robust plastic construction
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