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Hailea 98 Series Low Noise Air Pumps

Hailea 98 Series Low Noise Air Pumps


The Hailea 98 Series Low Noise Air Pumps are designed to provide your plants with the oxygen they need. It can be difficult to provide this vital element to your plants, with many gardeners struggling to ensure that their plants are able to get enough oxygen when they are in a hydroponic setup.

These pumps are made to solve this problem, feeding air directly into your feed tank to ensure that your plants are able to get the oxygen they need. This is achieved by pumping large amounts of air through your nutrient solution over long periods, slowly increasing the oxygen levels in your mix until they are right for your plants.

Not only does this process improve the growth rates of your plants, but it will also make them healthier and stronger. This is all possible in almost total silence thanks to the Low Noise technology found on these pumps. Unlike other options on the market, the 98 Series has been made with sound in mind, providing you with a pump that will fade into the background noise of your workspace.

  • Single outlet but compatible with manifolds
  • Provides oxygen to your nutrient tank
  • Energy-efficient and easy to repair
  • Designed to be low-noise
  • Made by Hailea; a leading brand
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