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Amazon Components

Amazon Components


Amazon Components are spare parts for your Amazon Aeroponics system. 

When components in your system fail, you need replacements quickly to protect your plants and yields. Amazon, therefore, provides a range of replacement parts that you can have to hand if and when something goes wrong. 

There are a wide range of spares that you can keep on standby, just in case. These include the 4-pot lid with large holes, 4-pot lid with small holes, 8-pot lid with large holes, 8-pot lid with small holes, 16-pot lid and 32-pot lid. You can also replace the misting chamber and tank if you develop cracks or leaks. 

The purpose of the Amazon Aeroponics system is to make gardening easy. The product allows gardens to swap out single plants and fit new ones in a matter of seconds. Simply put the collar into the net pot and then place it in the system. Carefully removing old net pots allows you to reuse them if they are still in good condition.  


  • A range of replacement components for the Amazon Aeroponics system
  • Spares include lids of varying sizes, misting chambers and tanks
  • All replacement parts are Amazon OEM
  • Keep plants healthy and minimise downtime 
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