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Amazon Aeroponic Systems

Amazon Aeroponic Systems


Gardeners with the right skills will be pleased with the Aeroponic System from Amazon. Surrounding your plants in a mist, the root zone in this setup is able to provide extremely high levels of oxygen to your plants. This encourages rapid growth, high yields, and outstanding plant health.

Thanks to the way that this system is designed, you can use very little substrate for your plants. Instead, the roots will be largely suspended, creating a challenging yet rewarding way to grow your plants. This allows a mist to flow around the root systems of your plants, providing them with far more nutrients than they would be able to get from the ground.

Setting up is nice and simple. With your Aeroponic system waiting for you, you need only fill the tank, add plants to the included mesh pots, and make sure that your pH levels are correct for the plants that you are trying to grow. From here, you can look after your plants how you normally would.

Sizes Available:

  • 4 Pot Large Hole, 4 Pot Small Hole
  • 8 Pot Large Hole, 8 Pot Small Hole
  • 16 Pot Small Hole
  • 32 Pot Small Hole
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