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Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor

Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor


Here at Hydro Genesis, we are delighted to sell Bud Igniter, which has been manufactured by the incredible team at Advanced Nutrients. This is a powerful and concentrated standalone formula, which will give your plant growth a massive boost.

  • Enjoy optimal yields 
  • Developed by a team of expert scientists at Advanced Nutrients
  • Maximize flowering sites for each stem
  • Assist your plants in storing phosphorus and potassium to optimize production
  • Your plants will get everything they need for the best possible harvest

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that are associated with the Bud Igniter from Hydro Genesis. This is a great way to supercharge your plant yield.

While it is powerful enough to be used as a standalone product, you can also combine it with other products as well. 

Please note, though, that Bud Igniter is not designed to be used as a foliar feed, as the ingredients have been created to be fed into the roots so that they can be absorbed by your plants to increase floral quality and development. 


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