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Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy


The goal of most gardeners and hydroponics enthusiasts tends to be growing the most impressive and aesthetically pleasing plants possible. A feature of plants that tends to prove most desirable? Flowers. So, if you're growing any kind of flowering plant, you're going to want to product the biggest, best and most beautiful flowers you can.

If you do want your plants to produce large and sweet buds, you should definitely consider Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy. This is a carefully prepared mixture of sugars and carbohydrates which can be used in all types of grow-system and with any substrate.

The carefully formulated blend of sugars in Bud Candy will feed beneficial microbes in your plants. This will serve to increase the microbes' growth and reproduction, seeing the formation of bigger colonies that will help your plants to grow more vigorously.

Aiding the beneficial microbes in your plants' root-zone, will also make your plants more resistant to disease and will help them to increase their nutrient uptake.

With Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy, you can expect to see a significant increase in the size and weight of your crop. Many users also report an improvement in the general aroma and flavour of their crops too!

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