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Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin

Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin


Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin is the perfect choice for those who want to protect their plants in a hydroponic setup. While Silica is abundant in soil, many hydro systems lack this vital element, leaving plants without the building blocks they need to maintain their own cell walls. This can leave the stems, leaves, and flowers weak and unable to weather the environment around them.

Rhino Skin boosts the silica in your hydroponic system, providing your plants with everything they need to grow healthy cell walls. With around 10% of the weight of each plant being silica, it makes sense to ensure that they have this element in abundance. This is achieved using a compound called potassium silicate, enabling your plants to take silica in through their roots and stems.

Like all of the Advanced Nutrients’ products, Rhino Skin is quick and easy to use on your plants. You can mix this with your root zone media, using the measurements found on the packaging. Detailed instructions and safety warnings can be found on the packaging for your product.

Rhino Skin’s Special Features

  • 100% natural and organic ingredients
  • Packed with silica
  • Designed to give your plants what they need to produce healthy cell walls
  • Easy to use
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