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Advanced Nutrients Piranha

Advanced Nutrients Piranha


If you are looking for the perfect beneficial fungi blend, the Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid that we have for sale here at Genesis Hydro does not disappoint.

  • Significantly increases root-mass and root-branching, resulting in bigger yields
  • Strengthen's the plant's immunity to root-disease
  • Generates a web of fungal mycelium that enhances the roots
  • Manufactured to exceptional standards by the reputable team at Advanced Nutrients
  • Created by a team of expert scientists that are dedicated to making excellent fungi products

This product is a blend of fungi (the beneficial kind!) that will work in the root zone for the purpose of improving the nutrients' availability and assisting in the protection against root disease. 

Microbial activity is greatly enhanced in the root zone with beneficial inoculant products. This boosts root health and yield. Because of this, this product is a must-have, and it is available in different quantities so that you can purchase the right amount for your requirements. 

Should you have any queries about the Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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