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Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Grow

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Grow


The Ram Clip-On Fan is designed to provide long-term ventilation to hydroponic setups, circulating air similarly to how the wind would in natural growing environments. The product uses reliable bearing technology to deliver a consistent breeze inside your chamber throughout the year. 

The fan includes two-speed settings that you can adjust depending on your application. And it is small, letting you fit it into space-constrained setups.

Ram equips the fan with a helpful clip that allows you to attach it to locations of your choosing. Fix it to your plant pots, the sides of your hydroponics system, or another structure of your choice. Power consumption is just 15W, allowing you to lower your long-term costs while enhancing your yields. 

Using the Ram Clip-On Fan is easy. To position the unit, squeeze the clips together and then place them over a suitable shelf. Then use the rotatable base to adjust the angle to provide optimal air circulation in your chamber. Choose between two power levels: a low setting for a light breeze or a high setting for strong airflow. 


  • Robust construction
  • Low energy consumption of 15 W
  • Tiltable fan for optimal breeze direction
  • Multiple power settings
  • 150mm fan blades
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